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MLB clubs now feature analytics departments armed with the latest tools and technology. We help agents even the playing field with big data tools, interactive data visualizations, predictive models, and creative approaches that add value for your clients. We offer solutions for arbitration, free agency, or continuous player tracking throughout the year.

We leverage player tracking data to highlight where your player excels. This reveals valuable information for free agency and contract negotiations that doesn't show up in core stats. We've also invented creative metrics to help agents gain an edge.

ArbTrack, our Arbitration Solution, is an interactive visualization tool that provides the following in an easy-to-use interface:

  • Projects your player's statistics through the end of the season. The projections update after each game.

  • Estimates your player's arbitration salary based on end-of-season projections.

  • Enables agents to filter salary data and statistics for past arbitration-eligible players and see instant comparisons.



baseball   basketball   football
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