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The Sports Resource began assisting Major League Baseball agents with arbitration preparation and free agency packages in 1997.

Agents use our revealing statistics, visualizations and narratives to build value for their clients, increase bargaining power, and then secure the optimal contract.

We possess unparalleled experience from working on players of all types in different contract situations. We have also invented creative metrics to help agents gain an edge.

  • Baseball Arbitration: We understand all facets of the arbitration process - what should and shouldn't go into a brief based on the collective bargaining agreement. Our arbitration packages include everything it takes to win the case or get the best settlement possible. That includes thorough prepararion of both the player profile and comparable sections of the player brief.

  • Baseball Free Agency: Our free agency packages feature customized analytics to help your players land the best deal. This includes analyzing potential clubs where their talents will create the best fit and impact their future success.

  • Baseball Contract Extensions: Whether a player is in his pre-arbitration years or later, we will customize a package to highlight their statisics, demonstrate their success, and project future performance.



baseball   basketball   football
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