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February 2014 - Basketball/Baseball

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Among Select Company

Gary Harris will bring an outstanding résumé into the NBA Draft. His achievements look even more impressive given that he’s younger than nearly all the sophomores likely to get drafted. Young sophomores have a great recent draft track record. The group includes Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Rudy Gay, and Kawhi Leonard.

Harris’ numbers this season place him in exclusive company. He was surpassing 20 points, 3 made three-pointers, and 5 free throw attempts per 40 minutes (through February 25, 2013). Only three drafted players under 20 years old have done that in the past 10 drafts.

Among this group, both Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard became NBA All-Stars, and Kevin Martin ranks among the NBA’s most prolific scorers over the past 10 seasons.

Harris stands apart from the others in two ways. None of them did this in a power conference, or in their final college seasons. Should he sustain these levels and enter the 2014 Draft, Harris would achieve both.

One of the most statistically comparable draft picks to Harris was chosen way back in 1997. Chauncey Billups went on to have a sensational career, playing in five straight All-Star Games. Billups had a higher assist rate than Harris in college, but was also a year older on draft night.

Harris also demonstrates an uncanny ability to locate shooters. Among his 70 assists this season, 35 resulted in made three-pointers by teammates. Including his 62 made three-pointers, Harris accounted for 97 of Michigan State’s 231 made threes.

Harris topped all his Spartan teammates in this category and fared much better than an elite point guard prospect like Marcus Smart. While 50 percent of Harris’ assists went for threes, Smart was at 38.8 percent (45 three-point assists out of 116).

Gaining an Edge with Technology

The players entering the 2014 NBA Draft grew up with the internet. They find information through Google and other search engines. This is not only the most powerful form of advertising for sports agents, but it’s free! If you find your website buried in the Google rankings, you’re not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Agents gain a decisive edge with a web presence featuring fresh informative content. If you need a website, or want to make your existing site more visible with dynamic content, we can help. We offer complete marketing and branding solutions that leverage both technology and analytics.

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Looking Back at Arbitration

It was an outstanding MLB arbitration season for the agent/player side. Among the 30 players who exchanged numbers – which excludes the six who signed multi-year deals and three who went to hearing – 16 settled above the midpoint. That doubled the total that signed below the midpoint (8). Another six players signed right at the midpoint.

This marks a dramatic change from a year ago. In the 2012-13 offseason, just four players signed deals above the midpoint vs. 13 below. The average deal surpassed the midpoint by $7,788 this offseason compared to $33,860 below the midpoint one year ago.

Congratulations to all the agents, their arbitration teams, and the MLBPA for a great achievement. We all put in long hours from October through February, but it certainly paid off.

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