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July 2012 - Sponsorship Activation

The Sports Resource has provided sports analytics consulting since 1997. To learn more about our innovative method of using statistics to activate sponsorships, call Steve Fall: 512-852-8193.

Taking Activation to the Next Level

Technology has improved dramatically at professional sports venues. Video boards make the fan experience better, but what about the content they display? Unfortunately, in-venue statistical content has not kept up with the technology. There is a lack of both creativity and game relevant information, which offsets the benefits of the tremendous display capabilities and leaves the fan wanting more.

Video boards can provide information fans can’t get at home, but usually show only the most basic core stats. Our approach enhances the fan experience with insightful statistics presented as entertainment.

This “datatainment” offers unlimited sponsorship activation opportunities. We customize statistics to match your brand’s message, and develop strategies to use them for activation. Our concept makes ideal content for social media. When fans see revealing content, they share with their network. We also create experiential and interactive in-venue displays that make it fun and easy to do this.

Whatever brand you represent, we have a way to activate your sponsorship with innovative statistical content. The concept may sound simple, but it has powerful capabilities. Best of all, fans, sponsors and properties all win!

So What’s Our Story?

Here’s the deal: we help sports professionals get more out of their deals. The Sports Resource started in 1997 when sports agents began finding our services invaluable. How much so? In 2011 alone, we worked on contracts totaling $332 million. We assist with baseball arbitration cases and promoting free agents. Our statistical packages also enable agents to land new clients and market them for the NBA and NFL Drafts.

That same expertise helps companies and agencies activate sponsorships, and get far more for their money. If you would like to discuss opportunities, please contact Steve Fall at 512-852-8193 or


The Future of Activation

Today there are more tools available for activation than ever before, but can we use them even more effectively?

Anheuser-Busch's Blaise D'Sylva shared some insightful comments on a video filmed during last month's Intersport Activation Summit. He identified three trends that his company thinks about for the future of activation: social broadcasting, real-time sharing and gamification.

Social broadcasting has powerful capabilities since it enables brands to expand their reach beyond the venue. “Brands are looking to broadcast out to their consumers,” said D'Sylva in the video. “Because they can do something at an event and then take that and reverse amplify out to millions of consumers through digital and the social networks."

Fans have always told their friends about a great gameday experience. But today sharing happens real-time, which makes creating memorable experiences even more vital. Brands that provide unique content get fans talking and, most importantly, sharing with their network.

St. Louis Rams CMO Bob Reif spoke about the challenge of making the stadium experience surpass what fans can get at home. He also mentioned the second screen, which many fans rely on while watching in their homes. “It’s about creating those experiences that replicate the in-home technology with seats,” said Reif during the Sports Facilities & Franchises Ticketing Symposium in June.

D'Sylva believes gamification can activate sponsorships in either setting. "How do we take either an at-home or in-stadium experience that gets them continually engaging with the content?” he asked. One of their goals at Anheuser-Busch is to provide experiences before, during and after events. The right activation strategy can make that happen.


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